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Dental services that are available to your child according to coverage type include:

  1. Oral exams (twice in 12 months) 
  2.  Space maintainers
  3. X rays  Oral surgery
  4. Cleanings (twice in 12 months) 
  5.  Extractions (tooth-pulling)
  6. Fluoride (twice in 12 months) 
  7.  Sealants  Crowns
  8. Fillings
  9.  Root canal treatments 
  10.  Any other medically necessary procedures
Routine exams are visits to the dentist for a dental checkup. Dental checkups are an important part of your child’s overall health. The dentist will look in your child’s mouth to see if your child’s teeth, gums, and bones supporting the teeth are healthy.At this time, the dentist will see if your child needs other dental services. Sometimes during the checkup the dentist will clean your child’s teeth and take X rays. Dental services may include relief of pain and infection, teeth fillings, and preventive services such as cleanings to maintain good dental health. A dental screening is part of a physical exam your child gets during a well child checkup, but it does not take the place of an exam by a dentist. Your child should begin going to the dentist at three years of age, or sooner if necessary.

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